2018 GWI Meet Schedule

The 2018 schedule will be very similar to the 2017 schedule posted below.
PLEASE NOTE – depending on athlete scratches, heats may be added or collapsed at race time. Time schedule is an approximation. Updated 6/9/2017.
Click here to download a printable .pdf of this schedule.

110m HurdlesHSB4:154:30 PM
100m HurdlesHSG4:304:45 PM
800mElem, MidB4:455:00 PM
800mElem, MidG4:505:05 PM
800m Heat 1HSB4:555:10 PM
800m Heat 2HSB5:005:15 PM
800m Heat 1HSG5:055:20 PM
100mElem, MidB5:105:25 PM
100mElemG5:155:30 PM
100mMidG5:205:35 PM
100m Heat 1HSB5:255:40 PM
100m Heat 2HSB5:305:45 PM
100m Heat 3HSB5:355:50 PM
100m Heat 1HSG5:405:55 PM
100m Heat 2HSG5:456:00 PM
400mElemB5:506:05 PM
400mMidB5:556:10 PM
400mElem, MidG6:006:15 PM
400m Heat 1HSB6:056:20 PM
400m Heat 2HSB6:106:25 PM
400m Heat 1HSG6:156:30 PM
400m Heat 2HSG6:206:35 PM
300m HurdlesHSB6:306:45 PM
300m HurdlesHSG6:356:50 PM
1600mFrosh, Elem, MidB6:457:00 PM
1600mFrosh, Elem, MidG7:157:10 PM
1600mHS - Heat 1B6:557:20 PM
1600mHS - Heat 2B7:057:30 PM
200m Heat 1Elem, MidB7:257:40 PM
200m Heat 2Elem, MidB7:307:45 PM
200mElemG7:357:50 PM
200mMidG7:407:55 PM
200m Heat 1HSB7:458:00 PM
200m Heat 2HSB7:508:05 PM
200m Heat 3HSB7:558:10 PM
200m Heat 1HSG8:008:15 PM
200m Heat 2HSG8:058:20 PM
200m Heat 3HSG8:108:25 PM
Hammer at Sac StateHSG8:459:00 AM
Hammer at Sac StateHSB10:4511:00 AM
Long JumpHS, Mid, ElemB3:153:30 PM
Pole VaultHSG3:454:00 PM
Triple JumpHSG3:454:00 PM
DiscusHSB3:454:00 PM
ShotHSG3:454:00 PM
High JumpHSG4:455:00 PM
ShotHSB5:456:00 PM
Pole VaultHSB6:156:30 PM
Long JumpHS, Mid, ElemG6:156:30 PM
Triple JumpHSB6:156:30 PM
DiscusHSG6:156:30 PM
High JumpHSB6:457:00 PM

59th Annual! – June 9, 2018 – Where Olympic careers begin!

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